Applied Science & Physics

Syntheticloud Tech, LLC was created by a group of mechanical and electrical engineers that all share the same passion for vaping. We wanted to introduce, to this nascent industry, products that are practical yet innovative and fresh. The products featured on our website are the results of 6 months of research and development, numerous prototypes, and a countless amount of painstaking revisions. Our mission was to develop products that we, ourselves, would use on a daily basis and we were not be satisified until the result fulfilled our incredibly high standards.


Syntheticloud's Vertical Airflow System

All of our atomizers feature our signature Vertical Airflow System. This system is vastly superior to current airflow dynamics that other manufacturers use. It works by directing airflow directly over and around the heated coils, then evenly clearing out all vapor produced within the chamber. This ultimately produces a much cooler, denser, and tastier vapor while also preventing stagnant vapor from collecting at the bottom. 


Versatile Airflow Control

We wanted to cater to the entire spectrum of the vaping community so we implemented a configurable airflow control on all of our designs. Our system allows the atomizer to be adjusted to your preference, by selecting the number of channels to adjust the airflow to fit your needs. Do you need competition clouds? Dial for maximum airflow. Perhaps you prefer to run a high resistance build for flavor; dial down to the lowest setting.


Anti-Flood Cover

Ever since we first started vaping, flooding has always been the primary reason that deterred us from using rebuildable dripping atomizers. The thought of wasting our favorite juices and spilling it on our clothes and furniture was enough to make us cringe; it was a mess--figuratively and literally. We felt that the horizontal air flow designs of current atomizers were soon to become obselete and we wanted to be the manufacturer that elevates the vaping community into a new status quo. Because our atomizers' airflow draws from the top, you no longer have to worry about your atomizer leaking in your pockets or spilling out when your mod is placed horizontally.